Ergonomic Chair Review: Raynor Eurotech Evo Chair

Ergonomic Chair Review: Raynor Eurotech Evo Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 1st 2013

“I need a cheap chair.”

This is something I hear quite frequently here at Human Solution. Folks often assume that it’s simply impossible to find a chair that’s both affordable and comfortable, especially given the mindboggling number of options and features available on ergonomic chairs like the Steelcase Leap and Raynor Ergohuman. The good news is that we do carry a number of ergonomic chairs that pack plenty of features into a budget-friendly package -- chairs like the Raynor Eurotech Evo chair.

The Evo offers a striking modern look and a number of ergonomic features on a chair that’s a fraction of the price of its contemporaries. The most obvious of these features is the Evo chair's unique backrest, which is designed to mimic the natural curves of the spine, providing all day upper back and lumbar support. Likewise, the seat has a subtle curvature that helps to disperse pressure on your legs, as well as a waterfall front seat edge that prevents painful pressure points from developing on the back of your knees. These cushions are designed for heavy-duty use as well, and they are great for users who are seated for five or more hours each day.

The Evo chair also includes a highly adjustable seat mechanism comparable to Raynor’s other popular chairs such as the Ergo Elite Chair. The Evo’s synchro-tilt mechanism allows for tilt tension adjustment, seat depth adjustment, and angle adjustment, complete with a tilt-lock feature for when you need a stable seating position. The Evo’s arms are also designed for rapid adjustment and can quickly be raised or lowered to better support your arms and elbows.

Like all Raynor chairs, the Evo is built to last. While most chairs found in “big box” office furniture stores are made with relatively low quality and lack an extended warranty, the Evo features a lifetime warranty on all mechanical parts, with a five year warranty on the upholstery and foam. Both the upholstery and foam are rated for 40 hour work weeks as well, giving you high end quality and peace of mind at a budget price.

Still have questions about the Raynor Evo chair or want to buy one of your own? Our ergonomic experts will be glad to help! Give us a call at 800-531-3746, or click here to chat with us, and we’ll be glad to help get you the right chair at the right price.

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