Ergonomic Mouse Review: The Benefits of the MouseTrapper Advance Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse Review: The Benefits of the MouseTrapper Advance Mouse

Posted by Human Solution on May 12th 2012

Ergonomic mouse recommendations can be tricky. There are many factors that contribute to pain in the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. Two of the most common are pronating and “clamping”. Pronation is a fancy way of saying that your arm is extended too far, for too long. In the wild, the human arm will be found by the side of its governing body, relaxed. In captivity, a person will reach for his or her mouse, tensing the muscles, causing more damage than realized. “Clamping” is an unscientific term that I find accurately represents the grip that most people put on the mouse. For an idea of what it looks like, please visit our monitor arm section and take a look at the clamp mounts.

While it’s true that any conventional mouse will require a certain kind of grip and that some will cause more strain than others, a flat mouse causing more strain than a vertical mouse, for example, there really is only one kind of alternative if you want to completely eliminate that tendency.

PC Magazine recently published a positive review of the MouseTrapper Advance Mouse. We agree with many of the points made in the review, although I take issue with the fact that the review seems geared toward computer users who don’t have a need to use the mouse. Maybe the learning curve is inconvenient for some, but for many computer users who are in pain, the MouseTrapper is an excellent option. I feel that the learning curve issue is somewhat overblown. It doesn’t take long to master.

When people call and ask for some kind of mousing alternative due to Carpal Tunnel or general wrist pain, the MouseTrapper Advance Mouse is the first option that I suggest. The MouseTrapper Advance Mouse enables users to place their hand in a relaxed position and guide the cursor by moving it to the left or the right, and rolling the bar forward and backward, with no clamping at all. This prevents many types of stress that can cause an RSI. We at Human Solution prefer it, for example, over the Contour Rollermouse, and it seems the editors at PC Magazine agree. Compare their review of the MouseTrapper with their review of the Contour Rollermouse. You’ll see that the Rollermouse comes out on top.

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