Ergonomics and the Apple iPhone

Ergonomics and the Apple iPhone

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 18th 2011

With Verizon users getting access to the iPhone, I wanted to take a minute to talk about it from an ergonomics perspective.

While some high end Android phones are arguably catching up at this point, the iPhone set a standard for usability in a smart phone. Its user interface is both attractive and intuitive, letting users operate a wide range of applications simply and with little or no instruction. The multi-touch screen is easy to use and smooth. It lets you manipulate onscreen content in a way that you naturally expect.

As far as the physical phone, the iPhone works well ergonomically. Aside from the responsive screen, it has well-designed physical buttons (the power and volume buttons). The speaker and microphone are both high-quality, producing a satisfactory calling experience. Speakerphone works, though it is not ideal for every situation. Users wishing to user their iPhone hands free in their car may like Plantronics K-100 in-car speakerphone.

Overall, the iPhone is a very well-designed product from an ergonomics perspective. When flooding Verizon stores this week, users can rest assured that they are making a comfortable choice.

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