Getting Mat Smart with the SmartMat

Getting Mat Smart with the SmartMat

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Jan 24th 2018

In the world of standing desks, it’s hard to overlook the anti-fatigue mat. Mats and standing desks go together like PB and J, Hall and Oates, and beer and OJ. If you don’t believe me about that last one, try it, it’s been a life-changing discovery. But mats amplify the benefits of a standing desk by mitigating some of the longer term effects of standing. They give you support and relieve pressure on your legs and feet. So when we get a new mat it’s always fun to try out the subtle differences, such was the case with the Sit-Stand SmartMat.

Now the Sit-Stand SmartMat is, at its core, and anti-fatigue mat. This means it does all of the things that you would expect from a mat, like existing as a floor-based accessory and allowing people stand on it. The cool part about this mat in particular is its durability. The SmartMat is made using a closed-cell backing that’s molded to the mat, which mitigates deterioration of the underside. This means your mat will stay in excellent condition for a very long time, even with heavy use. The SmartMat also has a beveled edge so you won’t have to worry about tripping when you enter and exit the mat, and you can even use it with your chair. That last feature is a pretty big deal, as a lot of anti-fatigue mats do not lend themselves well to having a chair repeatedly rolled on top of them. One other cool feature to note is the foot-operated activation point. Normally the mat has an anti-slip backing, which makes it super hard to push aside without picking it up. With the activation point, if you step in a certain area, it actually causes the mat’s grip to “loosen” allowing you to shove the mat wherever you please. Lastly, the mat has a few color options if you’re worried about matching your mat to your décor. Three to be exact. Black and gray for your neutral tones and brown if you’re feeling earthy.

As far as standing mats go, the SmartMat is a neat little option when you need extra support at your feet. If you’re looking for something fancier though, you may also want to check out the E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat by UPLIFT Desk. You can’t roll a chair on it but it does have some other comforting features for your feet, such as massage mounds and a rest bar. If you have any questions of if you’d like more information on our anti-fatigue mats, feel free to call our reps at 800-531-3746!

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