Heavy Duty: Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Force Gauges

Heavy Duty: Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Force Gauges

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 9th 2011

When performing ergonomic assessments, frequently the push-pull forces being measured are of a small magnitude. In these cases, a force gauge such as Shimpo’s Dart 2.0 line should work just fine for taking accurate measurements. Occasionally, though, you need something a bit more heavy duty.

The Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin line of heavy duty force gauges is perfect for measuring compression and tension forces of up to 500 lbs. These larger, tougher digital force gauges are constructed tough with aluminum housing. They have heavy duty sensors capable of taking high force measurements that are designed to last for over one million operations. The included handles give users something to grip onto while performing tests. These force gauges are great for industrial testing and other applications where large amounts of force are used in the performance of job duties. The FGE-HX line does have one possible shortcoming that is worth noting, however.

For applications in which reading from t he force gauge’s digital display is sufficient, the FGE-HX series is perfect. However, some users will want a data output so their results can be exported to a computer for analysis. These users should try Shimpo’s FGV-HXline of gauges with the same high force capabilities, but with the addition of an RS-232 output for data collection.

Not all ergonomic assessments require the level of force measurement that the Javelin line is capable of. But for those jobs that do, the FGE-HX can be invaluable.

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