Hold up! Don’t forget a CPU Holder

Hold up! Don’t forget a CPU Holder

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 21st 2010

So you made the decision and you’re getting a height adjustable desk. Excellent.

You’ve decided on a keyboard tray to keep your mouse and keyboard in the correct reach zone and a monitor arm to adjust your monitor for either sitting or standing. You’re all set, right?

One component some overlook when buying an adjustable desk is a CPU holder. This attaches to the underside of your desk and provides a sturdy bracket on which you can attach the computer to your desktop. As your desk raises and lowers, so does your computer. This eliminates the possibility of yanking cords out and even knocking over your tower. Oops.

We offer several different models, and the feature differences between them are not huge. They all perform more or less the same function. A good all around choice is the Humanscale CPU555, made to fit standard size towers. If you have a slim tower, you should get the Humanscale CPU600, which can adjust to accommodate a smaller machine.

We are sure you’ll enjoy your new workstation, and with a CPU holder, you now have one less thing to worry about.

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