Introducing the Innovative Tablik Flexible Tablet Mount

Introducing the Innovative Tablik Flexible Tablet Mount

Posted by Will M on Aug 12th 2014

Whether you're a professional who uses a tablet at their office workstation, or you are an ergonomic furniture salesman and blogger who just wants to watch the latest terrible Adam Sandler movie at his desk while eating lunch because you're too ashamed to watch it at home with your wife, the Innovative Tablik will help you use your tablet more ergonomically. (Both these scenarios are strictly hypothetical, by the way.)

With tablets rapidly replacing desktop computers and laptops for recreational, and even occupational, computer and internet use, once again we find ourselves slipping into less ergonomic positions in the name of convenient technology. Much like laptops, tablets and iPads are inherently un-ergonomic – the location of the screen during regular tablet usage generally results in a hunched over posture, and typing and looking at the screen at the same time can be a nightmare for anyone concerned with ergonomics.

Luckily, once again Innovative is here to save the day with their new Tablik Flexible Tablet Mount. With its simple clamp mount, and intuitive height, depth and angle adjustment, it’s easy to mount the tablet in a position that won’t cause the typical strain and hunched positions associated with tablet use. The mount’s versatile horizontal and vertical range of around 21” both ways and its tilt range at both the forearm and the base will get your tablet in the most comfortable position, both while typing and using its visual display.

Whether you want to improve the ergonomics of your tablet use, or you just want to use your tablet more conveniently, the Tablik is a great solution. I like to eat at my desk at lunch while watching movies on my 7” Google Nexus 7 tablet, which used to involve quite the balancing act between holding the tablet on my lap and eating. The Talbik clamps right on my desk, allowing me to position it at the perfect angle to manage this delicate dance of eating and movie watching.

While the cover and built-in stand I use with my tablet does the job okay for using my tablet as a little jukebox while I’m working, it doesn't do the trick if I’m doing anything that requires viewing the screen or typing for any length of time. The Tablik stand lets me move the tablet effortlessly to eye level or to a comfortable typing level.

The Tablik's optional VESA adapter kit even lets you mount your tablet alongside a standard monitor mounted on a VESA plate arm to facilitate side-by-side viewing.

Of course, tablets aren’t just for playing around when not working. For many people, they are a valuable addition to their workstation, and the Tablik even lets you mount the arm to a VESA-ready monitor mount. By adding the optional VESA attachment kit, you can have a side-by-side display of both your workstation monitor and accessory tablet, letting you set both at a comfortable level. This helps cut down on reach when working on both a standard visual display and a secondary tablet simultaneously.

Tablets are meant to be portable, and the Innovative Tablik’s genius design allows for quick, one-handed removal of the tablet via the Tablik’s magnetic disc for mounting your tablet to the arm. Just attach the magnetic desk straight to your tablet, or attach it to the back of your tablet cover with the residue-free gel adhesive, and you can easily add or remove the tablet to and from the arm. And if you’re old enough to be wary of magnets around computer equipment, fear not. Tablet technology and the casing around it allow for a magnet to be placed on back without worrying about it affecting your tablet’s functionality.

The Tablik Flexible Tablet Mount is the perfect tablet mounting solution, both for people like me who use their tablet mostly for entertainment, or for more serious users who need a tablet for a work environment, to view and use a tablet as ergonomically as its design will allow. The Tablik is currently available for pre-order now, and is scheduled to start shipping in September. Our computing habits and the way we interface with new technology may be changing rapidly, but our bodies are slow to adapt. Anything you can do to stay comfortable while utilizing this technology, for work or for play, is something your body will thank you for down the road.

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