Is the Orthomouse the Right Size?

Is the Orthomouse the Right Size?

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 2nd 2011

Ergonomic accessories can be hard to design, due simply to the amount of variance in people’s size. Orthovia has figured out a way to overcome this problem with their Orthomouse ergonomic mouse. The mouse is designed with customizable attachments that lets users size the mouse perfectly for their hands. The attachments change the length of the body of the mouse, making it an appropriate fit for anyone from a man with fairly large hands to a woman with small hands. The Orthomouse has some other features worth noting as well:

The buttons on the mouse are low-force, requiring less pressure to depress than a normal mouse. This is good for avoiding repetitive stress as well as making users with an injury more comfortable. Scrolling is accomplished with three unique buttons on the side of the mouse next to the thumb. I found this different style of scrolling to be both intuitive, and more comfortable than the traditional index finger scroll wheel, especially when scrolling through large documents. Finally, like many ergonomic mice, the Orthomouse is angled to reduce forearm pronation. Orthovia chose a 45° pitch angle, which is ideal according to their research.

So with customizable sizing and several other great ergonomic features, the Orthomouse ergonomic mouse might be a fit for you.

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