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It's Geek Pride Day! Here's How We Get Our Geek On at the HS Office!

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Today is Geek Pride Day. (Seriously, it’s a thing!) And here at Human Solution, we show our geek pride every day by offering you some of the coolest, geekiest ergonomic office gizmos on the planet.

But that’s not the only way we like to get our geek on. As you may have guessed, our Austin office is loaded with people of the geek persuasion who like to dot their desks with nerdy figures, posters, statues and such. Glance in any direction and you’re likely to see Doctor Who’s TARDIS, Captain Kirk, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and maybe even a lightsaber sitting in someone’s cubicle.

To celebrate Geek Pride Day, we decided to share some of the geekier corners of our office with you. Check out the photos (and come visit our showroom in Austin) and let us know – how do you get your geek on at work?