Joint Pain Can Come from Where You Least Expect It

Joint Pain Can Come from Where You Least Expect It

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 29th 2010

“My neck hurts.”

“Are you using a keyboard tray?”

HS sales reps have this exact conversation more than you might suppose. Why ask about a device that mainly impacts how your arms are positioned when it hurts to move your head?

In short, your arms are connected to your shoulders, which are connected to your neck. If you have to position your arms too high and straight out to the sides of your body (like chicken wings), your shoulder muscles will be strained in an unnatural way. To compensate for shoulder fatigue, other muscles like your trapezius, the muscles that run from your shoulder to the sides of your neck, get involved and…you probably get where I’m going.

You probably had no idea that when you were a child singing about “the knee bone connected to the thigh bone” you were getting sound ergonomic advice, but bones, muscles, nerves, etc. are all interconnected and impact each other in ways that might not be obvious to most people.

Improperly positioned armrests can cause nerve pain in the fingers.

Feet not resting on the ground while seated can lead to lower back pain.

There is a long list of problems with non-obvious causes like this. If you have tried the obvious and it does not seem to be working, or if you would like to get a more complete picture of what may be causing your pain before you start buying, please give us a call or chat.

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