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Jon Paulsen Goes Mashable

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Congrats to our CEO, Jon Paulsen, who was interviewed by social media tastemakers, Mashable for their article, Are You Sitting Down? Why a Standdup Desk Might Save Your Life:

Jon Paulsen, CEO of Human Solution, which sells ergonomic office furniture, says that, despite the hype, a sit-down desk won’t kill you. “[Sitting is] not necessarily a bad thing, but doing anything for eight hours a day is bad,” he says. Paulsen, a certified ergonomist, recommends an electronic retractable desk, which can help you easily go from a sitting to a standing position.

As Jon goes on to say:

“It’s good to take microbreaks,” he says. Such advice may be hard to follow, but, as any stand-up desk evangelist will attest, it’s better to look weird than to die young.

Amen to that.

If you’d like to get on your feet a bit more in the workplace, we have many popular sit-stand desks like the Workrite Sierra and the Sis Move!. Let us know if there’s a specific need we can help with.