Jon Paulsen Goes Mashable

Jon Paulsen Goes Mashable

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 29th 2011

Congrats to our CEO, Jon Paulsen, who was interviewed by social media tastemakers, Mashable for their article, Are You Sitting Down? Why a Standdup Desk Might Save Your Life:

Jon Paulsen, CEO of Human Solution, which sells ergonomic office furniture, says that, despite the hype, a sit-down desk won’t kill you. “[Sitting is] not necessarily a bad thing, but doing anything for eight hours a day is bad,” he says. Paulsen, a certified ergonomist, recommends an electronic retractable desk, which can help you easily go from a sitting to a standing position.

As Jon goes on to say:

“It’s good to take microbreaks,” he says. Such advice may be hard to follow, but, as any stand-up desk evangelist will attest, it’s better to look weird than to die young.

Amen to that.

If you’d like to get on your feet a bit more in the workplace, we have many popular sit-stand desks like the Workrite Sierra and the Sis Move!. Let us know if there’s a specific need we can help with.

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