Just Your Size: The Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

Just Your Size: The Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 31st 2011

One size fits all works great for foam fingers and unitards, but when dealing with office ergonomics, it is not always a great solution (and incorporating a foam finger and unitard into your office ergonomics is never a good solution). The Kinesis Freestyle ergonomic keyboard is designed so you can personalize it to you, so there are almost as many possibilities as there are users.

The Kinesis Freestyle is a split ergonomic keyboard, meaning that its two halves are separated from one another. In this case, they are connected by a cable at the top of the keyboard. So they can be positioned splayed or straight on, split or together. With the help of several accessories (on the freestyle item page, click the “accessories” tab), they can also be tilted in a multitude of different ways to fit different users and different workspaces. So whether you want you Freestyle halves to be flat on the desk and together or at a completely vertical angle, you can do so.

The Freestyle is a low-force keyboard, meaning that its keys take less pressure to depress than a normal keyboard. This may not seem like a big deal, but with the huge number of keystrokes some workers make day after day, eliminating this source of repetitive stress can have a real impact on reducing pain in the fingers, hands and wrists. It also has an optional USB numeric keypad for those users who need one.

For those looking for a keyboard that they can make as unique as they are, the Freestyle just might be your size.

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