Keep It Moving with the Smartfish Ergomotion Keyboard

Keep It Moving with the Smartfish Ergomotion Keyboard

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 21st 2010

Ergonomic positioning is important for comfort in the office, but there is no perfect static position to be in. Human bodies are made to move, even if the shifts are small in nature. That is why we have office chairs with dymanic recline, height adjustbable desks and other adaptations that allow you to change your position within your workspace. Smartfish is the first to promote such dynamic motion while typing, with its new Ergomotion ergonomic keyboard.

Like many of our ergonomic keyboards, the Ergomotion uses a tented, splayed form that positions your hands in a more comfortable position while typing. This helps prevent pronation and hold they wrists in the proper position. What is different from the norm is a system of sensors and motors that gradually move the halves of the keyboard as your type, so that you must continue moving, slightly, as well. They adjust the width as well as the tilt of the keyboard halves. This innovative approach to dynamic motion can help users to be more productive for longer, diminishing fatigue.

The Smartfish is currently available for pre-order, and will be released soon.

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