Ken from ergoCentric Stops by for Product Training

Ken from ergoCentric Stops by for Product Training

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 20th 2015

ergoCentric chairs are some of the most customizable on the market, fitting users from under 5' to well over 6', and addressing a variety of pain issues. With so many options and configurations available, it's helpful for us to have some hands-on training, especially when a new model comes in. Luckily, Ken from ergoCentric was kind enough to stop by our showroom to show us the features and adjustments on their newest chair, the tCentric.

One of our favorite features of the tCentric is the elastomer back, which provides excellent, comfortable support with its dual curves and optional extra lumbar pad. The mesh back hugs you as you sit, and with or without the additional lumbar pad, your lower back is supported in just the right position, since the back includes 5" of height adjustment.

We also loved the dual density molded foam in the seat cushion. It's thickly padded and extremely comfortable. You can also choose to get the seat in a larger or smaller size, as well as with upgraded foam options for even more softness and padding. The standard foam worked well for most of us here, but you can certainly choose to upgrade, especially if you don't have a height-adjustable workstation that will allow you to stand for part of the day.

ergoCentric chairs have the most highly-adjustable headrests out there, with 7" of vertical and horizontal adjustment along a three-point pivot arm. You can bring the headrest above the seat or over the seat, and adjust the depth to your liking. From there, choose your arm option, seat height, fabric, and mechanism, and you're good to go.

Another unusual feature of ergoCentric chairs is the adjustment paddles. Often, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to adjust your chair, and which paddle is used for which adjustment. ergoCentric chairs have paddles with specific shapes for each adjustment, as well as a graphic on the side of the frame that tells you what's what. You'll have no trouble reclining, changing the seat height, rocking, or locking the chair in place with these easy, intuitive adjustment levers.

Thanks to Ken, all of our sales pros are ready to help you out with your questions on any ergoCentric chair. Give us a call today and start working more comfortably!

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