Like a Shoe Fits a Hand: HandShoeMouse

Like a Shoe Fits a Hand: HandShoeMouse

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 28th 2011

It’s hard not to be amused or confused by the name of the HandShoeMouse if you think about it for a second. “Shoe” is simply an odd word to include as it has very little to do with either a hand or a mouse. However, if you can move past this issue, I think you’ll find a unique ergonomic mouse that addresses a particular pain problem.

With its contoured design that cradles the heel of your hand, the HandShoeMouse does something that few other ergonomic mice can: It is able to be controlled with almost no grip force exerted. For people with extreme hand pain issues, this can be critical to their ability to use a hand-operated mouse.

As far as other features, the HandShoeMouse is fairly easy to move around. Its blue ray tracking technology allows high sensitivity and accuracy. Button pushes are a little stiff, so it is not a mouse I recommend for people who need a low-force ergonomic mouse.

The HandShoeMouse stands out in one important way; it requires very little grip force to maneuver. If this is a feature you need to be able to use a hand-operated mouse, then the HandShoeMouse may fit you like a shoe fits a…hand. Yeah.

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