Lower the Price of Raising Your Desk: Idea At Work Proliftix Crank

Lower the Price of Raising Your Desk: Idea At Work Proliftix Crank

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 29th 2011

Adjustable height is still an asset in a desk, even if you choose not to use a sit/stand height adjustable desk like our Sis Move! electric. Whether the cost of such a desk is prohibitive, or you find standing while working unappealing or infeasible, you should bear in mind that one size does not fit all in desks.

Most of us have the experience of sitting at a desk or table that is simply not sized correctly. Either the surface is too high to comfortably write, your thighs are crammed for room or some other problem. A crank height adjustable desk, such as the Idea at Work Proliftix is an inexpensive way to remedy this problem. The Proliftix adjusts by means of a crank with a removable handle. Five turns of the crank raises or lowers the desk surface by an inch, allowing quick and easy customization of the desk height. With a height range of 27” - 43”, this desk is suitable for the vast majority of seated users, regardless of height. The height adjustment also allows workers of different sizes to share the workstation, if necessary. By attaching a keyboard tray and a monitor arm, the Proliftix can be made into a fully ergonomic seated workstation.

So for the user whose budget or needs are not right for an electric height adjustable desk, the Proliftix is a great economical alternative

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