Magnificent Mounts for Multiple Monitors

Magnificent Mounts for Multiple Monitors

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 30th 2010

If one is good and two is better, four or more must be great, right? When we’re talking about monitor arms, some people think so. For applications like securities trading, radiology and security, banks of multiple monitors may be desirable or necessary to perform one’s job function. It is possible to have all the monitors in a row on the desktop, sitting on the stands they came from. It is also possible to arrange some combination of LCD monitor arms for fewer monitors, such as Innovative Duopods. However, we also offer a line of monitor arms and mounts specifically designed for four or more monitors.

Our quad-monitor mounts support monitors in three basic configurations: a single vertical column of four monitors, a single row of four monitors and a 2 x 2 arrangement. When shopping for multiple-flat-panel monitor arms, it is important to consider how much range of motion you need. Will the monitors need to change position individually, together or not at all? Motion concerns tend to be fewer with multiple monitors than with one or two, but they do arise from time to time. Another major consideration is how you wish to mount your monitor arms.

Using four or more monitors puts a significant weight strain on the monitor arm itself, and whatever it is mounted to. Because of this, special considerations sometimes need to be made. Often times a quad monitor mount will be connected via a bracket to a wall for extra stability. Ceiling mounting is also available. If they are to be mounted to a table, they may in some cases be clamped or bolted through the desk. In any case, the offerings on our website show only some of our capabilities. We can look into other options or a custom setup for you.

Some of our favorite multiple LCD monitor arms include the Humanscale M7, the Innovative Quadropod and theErgotech single tier mount. Each has a slightly different approach to the problem of mounting four LCD displays, but all will be effective in the right setup. If you have a special situation, give us a call or chat online.

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