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Mmm…Bananas: The Workrite Banana Board

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

In the world of office ergonomics, fear of commitment is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes switching which hand you use to manipulate your mouse can be a great way to eliminate repetitive stress. The Workrite Banana Board keyboard tray helps you do just that with by making the switch from left to right in one easy motion.

Mounted under a standard size keyboard platfrorm, the Banana Board has a banana-shaped mouse platform on a track. By sliding this platform back and forth, you make it stick out of one side or the other of the keyboard platorm. This is one of the easiest left-right mouse platform adjustments of any keyboard tray system we offer. It is great for one worker who wants to make an occasional change of sides, or a station used by more than one user with different handedness.

Combined with Workrite’s diverse offering of keyboard tray mechanisms, the banana board can be a delicious addition to your office.