Move Around: Office Exercise

Move Around: Office Exercise

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 24th 2010

As we rather ominously established a few months ago, Sitting Can Kill You.

Perhaps a bit on the dramatic end of the spectrum, that article does make a good point though. The sedentary work style of many modern offices is not one designed for health. Outside of work, a good exercise and diet program is essential to combat this. Inside the office, however, there are some unobtrusive aerobic and flexibility exercises you can do to keep you feeling your best throughout the day:

  • Stand or walk back and forth while on the phone. A wireless headset is great for this
  • Dips using a stationary office chair (not one with wheels) for support
  • Use a Via Swopper or similar device to allow motion while seated
  • Bow: reach up to the sky and bow forward to your desk, feeling the lower back and shoulder stretch
  • Hip swivels using your rotating office chair
  • Front or lateral shoulder raises, curls or overhead presses with small weights you keep at your desk
  • Basic yoga stretches

Of course, always have the supervision of a trainer or physician when starting any exercise program.

Source: Huffington Post

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