Need a Lift For Your Keyboard? Try the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Scissor Lift!

Need a Lift For Your Keyboard? Try the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Scissor Lift!

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 20th 2014

The UPLIFT Sit-Stand Scissor Lift is a convenient alternative to keyboard trays and height-adjustable desks for those who can't modify their workstation.

Picture this: you've got a regular, boring fixed-height desk. As a regular reader of our blog, you're acutely aware that sitting all day is bad for your health. In your quest to start standing at work, you've started exploring different options that will let you work while standing, like purchasing one of our UPLIFT height-adjustable desks or using a sit-stand keyboard tray. Unfortunately, your working circumstances prevent you from doing so - maybe your boss won't let you replace your workstation, or perhaps Uncle Sam just won't let you bolt keyboard trays to his desks. A monitor arm might bring your display up to a comfortable standing viewing height, but your keyboard position still leaves something to be desired.

Thankfully, there's the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Scissor Lift. A sturdy, height-adjustable keyboard platform, the UPLIFT Scissor Lift offers all the flexibility of an sit-stand keyboard tray with none of the installation hassle. This keyboard riser simply sits on your desktop and uses an intuitive scissor lift system that locks your keyboard anywhere between 1" and 9.25" above the desktop while a heavy steel base prevents unwanted movement. A comfortable vinyl palm rest sits along the front of the platform, supporting your wrists and palms during long periods of us. The board is also a full 27" wide, providing plenty of space for you to use both a standard sized keyboard and mouse on the same platform.

While we always recommend using a sit-stand desk whenever possible, it's sadly not a viable option for everyone. With the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Scissor Lift, you can finally ditch the phonebooks and get convenient support for your keyboard and mouse that moves with you, regardless of your workstation requirements.

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