Part 2: The Ergohuman Returns

Part 2: The Ergohuman Returns

Posted by Human Solution on May 6th 2011

While not all sequels are well-advised (Weekend at Bernies II, anyone), sometimes it’s okay to update a classic. The Raynor Ergohuman Chair is the best-selling item at THS, and many of our clients can’t get enough of them. Users like its attractive styling coupled with advanced ergonomic features like a synchro-tilt seat mechanism, adjustable lumbar support and pivoting arms, all at an affordable price. The folks at Raynor weren’t happy with that, though, so they did a redesign.

The Raynor Ergohuman V2 is not a radical redesign from the original, but it does have a few features worth noting. The first is the inclusion of a new fabric upholstery option. Historically, most of what has been available in the ergohuman has either been mesh or a padded seat with leather. Raynor responded with a padded option in fabric also. In addition, there is now a choice of the traditional black frame accents or white ones. The seat has been redesigned slightly. The arms now slide back and forth as well as pivot.

The V2 is brand new, so we do not have official discount pricing for it yet like we do with the regular chairs. But those dying to be the first cube in the office with an Ergohuman V2 may call us fror a quote. Fortunately, the Ergohuman V2 ergonomic chair looks a little more Godfather Pt. 2 than Speed 2: Cruise Control.

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