Plantronics Headsets for Cordless Phones

Plantronics Headsets for Cordless Phones

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 11th 2011

If you’ve looked at wireless headsets and thought they were cool, then looked at the price tag and thought they were not, may I suggest an alternative?

If you use a headset-ready cordless phone, HS carries a line of Plantronics headsets that can attach to it, making you not only mobile, but hands-free as well. Now you too can roam around your work area or home as you talk on the phone (a surprisingly satisfying experience) as well as type and do other work similar to a cordless headset solution.

The models we carry include the M175C, M220C and others, which may be worn over the ear or with a head band, as your prefer.

The freedom of a wireless headset at a lower cost may be just what you need to get moving.

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