Point A to Point B: Wesco Series 100 Hand Trucks

Point A to Point B: Wesco Series 100 Hand Trucks

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 10th 2011

Stuff: sometimes it has to get from one place to another. Our warehouse manager, Tim, would probably appreciate it if science would just go ahead and invent teleportation, but in the meantime, he is left with lots of boxes and other items which he must manually relocate.

If this is an issue your warehouse, plant, retail store or other type of business faces from time to time, you should really look into getting a hand truck. Wesco dollies and hand trucks allow users to safely and easily move much heavier loads than they could carry by hand. Wesco makes many different kinds of hand trucks, from heavy duty steel trucks to ultra light, but still strong, aluminum and magnesium models.

Some of our favorites are the 100 series. These steel trucks are a good all-around solution for many businesses: strong enough to carry heavy loads, but economical. 100 series trucks are capable of supporting up to 800 lbs, depending on which casters you choose (try getting Tim to lug THAT much stuff around). But at a starting price under $200, these hand trucks can be purchased by businesses of all sizes. Heck, get two. Think of how much…stuff…you can move from one place to another.

These hand trucks come in a variety of different flavors, depending primarily on what type of handle you would like. Other options such as noseplate extensions and stair climbing kits work in specialized situations.

A Wesco hand truck gives your business an ergonomically sound and more efficient way to relocate whatever items you might need to.

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