Portable Ergonomic Laptop Workstation Accessories Part 1

Portable Ergonomic Laptop Workstation Accessories Part 1

Posted by Professor Ergo on Jul 28th 2009

We’ve all noticed the growing trend in laptop users lately. People take laptops everywhere: they go on simple treks to the coffee shop, come into conference rooms or travel on business trips. I’ve put together a 3-part series about working with laptops or tablet PCs to discuss this shift in computer use and make suggestions for important accessories.

Aside from the annoying fact that laptops compromise any hope for time off, folks are noticing that working with a laptop causes a lot of pain and irritation in the hands, arms, shoulders and back. This is due to the general laptop design and the way we sit while working. The keyboard design forces users to type incorrectly on a flat, hard surface, plus the track pad can strain your hands and wrists. I know after nine hours of mousing and typing in the office, it kills me to go home and work on my laptop for just a few minutes. People also tend to hunch forward and prop their arms up awkwardly, potentially causing major problems such as pinching the ulnar nerve. I just got off the phone with a woman who did just that working with a laptop in her lap.

What do you need to get ergo-nized? It’s easy to get a few notebook accessories that quickly transform into a portable, ergonomic workstation. Essentials include a: Mouse (preferably wireless) Laptop stand, External travel keyboard, Travel bag or wheeled case with pockets and dividers for accessory storage

Part 2 will continue tomorrow…

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