Portable Ergonomic Laptop Workstation Accessories Part 2

Portable Ergonomic Laptop Workstation Accessories Part 2

Posted by Professor Ergo on Jul 29th 2009

If you decide to accessorize your laptop, you can’t skip a notebook holder because it places your screen at a proper height and clears space for your external keyboard and mouse. They are also useful when you need to share your screen for presentations and meetings. I pulled out and compared the Goldtouch Go and Cricket travel laptop stands in three areas: design, build quality and features.

Goldtouch Go Travel Notebook Stand


The slim but sturdy aluminum platform and frame fold down, easily sliding in and out of its neoprene case. The travel size is slightly smaller than a piece of paper (7” W x 10” H). Completely expanded, the stand measures 11” W x 10” H x 9” D, so it can support a notebook up to 17 inches.

When you pull the stand out of the case, it looks like a trendy aluminum clipboard. The platform that supports the notebook separates from the support system hidden below. Simply set the height and width by adjusting the side supports (they slide in and out), then place the support bracket into one of the six slots to bring the screen up to the height you need. When you’re done, the stand folds back down in seconds- the design is pretty slick and user-friendly.

Build Quality

Since it’s made from aluminum, the design is sturdy and lightweight. I didn’t hesitate to throw my laptop up there and test it out. The support locks firmly into place; it only requires a level surface for proper use. With something as versatile as this product, you worry that the adjustable parts won’t stand up to wear and tear from travel and constant use, etc. It is obvious Goldtouch had this in mind because the build quality is solid.


The purpose is to fix a user’s bad posture while working on a laptop, so incorporating this product into your routine can’t hurt. The stand accommodates a tablet PC or laptop in portrait or landscape mode, and it offers 6 different tilt positions for viewing comfort. This feature comes in handy for single and multiple users or the variety of locations you might end up working. Another impressive feature is the hollow design; it disperses heat faster to avoid over-heating a laptop.

Additionally, the neoprene cover doubles as a mouse pad, so you don’t have to mouse on a hard surface or carry an extra one with you.

Cricket Portable Stand for Laptops and Tablet PCs


First of all, this stand is uber-hip and adorable. Want to know why they call it the Cricket? It looks like a cricket- seriously, I’m surprised I haven’t seen this featured in Dwell magazine. It’s surprisingly small and available in two different colors. The Cricket stand is about eight inches long and two inches wide, and it comes with a carrying bag.

A simple, 3-step process sets it up:
1. Press the big button on the side- the Cricket opens up, and you can quickly adjust the angle from 11-60 degrees.
2. Split the support brackets apart.
3. Adjust the brackets to the desired length and fold out the Cricket feet to support your laptop or tablet PC.

You can make the legs shorter or longer to fit whatever size laptop or tablet PC you use weighing up to 12 pounds. When you’re done, it folds back down just as easily.


The Cricket is lightweight and has more plastic parts, but it still stands up against the competition. The adjustment feels a little loose, but once it goes up- it locks in place firmly. When you’re ready to put the stand away, it folds down super fast too. Since you’re going to be hauling this around, the compact design prevents you from accidentally breaking off anything while in transit.


The height-adjustable stand brings the screen up to an ergonomic viewing height, or it can support a tablet PC at a better angle for writing and viewing comfortably. Either way, this little bugger’s triangular shape will hold up your work securely. The design is super compact and gives you plenty of room to use an external keyboard or mouse. If you don’t have much space to work with, I think the Cricket is a good solution because its footprint is so small.

The Cricket in its carrying case can squeeze in pretty much anywhere if you’re creative and have a backpack or computer bag with just a little extra space. Otherwise, one of the big selling points is that you can carry it in your pocket (guys- maybe; girls- probably not). Finally, there’s a nice bonus feature- the plastic is composed of 70% recyclable materials.

Part 3 will continue tomorrow…

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