Quick Ways to De-Stress at Work

Quick Ways to De-Stress at Work

Posted by Human Solution on May 16th 2013

Typing "de-stress" into my search bar, Google automatically fills in "at work" and yields 117 million results. Not surprisingly, most of the tips found in these articles focus on calming and invigorating both body and mind:

  • Practice deep-breathing (quietly!)
  • Strike a yoga pose or two
  • Give your eyes a rest from the computer screen
  • Keep aromatherapy and essential oils on your clean, organized desk. Your desk is clean and organized, right?
  • Take a quick walk outside for some sun and fresh air
  • Leverage social media: Search for positive tags on sites like Tumblr and Twitter (#lovemyjob, anyone?)

I'll keep this simple, because today has actually been quite stressful and busy! These tips all work, but my absolute favorite is Calm.com. Choose between a 2, 10, or 20-minute guided relaxation with your choice of meditative nature background.

Yes. You're welcome. Have a wonderful week, everyone and stay stress-free!

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