Quickstand Goes Green: The Humanscale Quickstand Eco Desk Converter

Quickstand Goes Green: The Humanscale Quickstand Eco Desk Converter

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Oct 31st 2017

If there are two things we love here at Human Solution, it’s sustainability and desk converters. We have no shortage of either as you can see when perusing our Eco Laminate and Reclaimed Wood desktops or our plethora of Sit-Stand Desk Converter options. We love sustainability and desk converters so much that we’ve added a product that is the spawn of both worlds. Enter the Humanscale Quickstand Eco, the desk converter that would hug a tree if it had the arms and legs to do so.

What makes the Humanscale Quickstand Eco so great aside from its tree-hugging desires and sustainable manufacturing processes? We’re glad you asked. It has a few features that make it a workable solution for any office looking for a green sit-stand solution. Though, not literally green. In fact, it only comes in black and white which, while not super vibrant, will match pretty much whatever aesthetic you’ve got going on in your office. It has compatibility with Humanscale’s OfficeIQ which is basically a timer that tells you to stand up or sit down so that you move more throughout your workday. It also sports a self-locking mechanism for a little more stability and functionality.

The Quickstand Eco has some similarities with its predecessors. It’s a freestanding unit that sits on top of the desk or workspace and requires no mounting much like the older Quickstand models that use the freestanding base option. You can get it in either a single monitor mount model or a dual monitor mount model, just like the other Quickstand models and the main assembly has a weight capacity of 35 lbs which will handle most standard setups. One welcome addition is the laptop mount version. This certainly isn’t the only standing desk converter to add a laptop mount option or that’s at least usable by a laptop. However, in a world where laptops are being used with increasing frequency, it’s super convenient for the modern-day worker.

So if you find yourself in need of a standing desk converter, have a little cash to burn and want to be nice to Mother Nature, the Quickstand Eco isn’t a bad option to consider. If affordability and quality are your main concerns, you may also want to have a look at the UPLIFT line of Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converters. And, if you have questions about any of these options, never forget that we have a team of reps on standby at (800) 531-3746 to help you get standing.

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