Roll It Up: The Human Solution Travel Keyboard

Roll It Up: The Human Solution Travel Keyboard

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 29th 2011

For a moment, let’s celebrate the monument to portability that is the fruit roll-up. Thanks to that little marvel, no longer did we have to put up with space inefficiency when eating our fruit-like paste in the elementary school cafeteria. We simply unrolled and ate.

Never one to let a good fruit snack idea fall by the wayside when providing ergonomic products (our gummi chair is still in development), THS offers its flexible travel keyboard. With this rubber keyboard, all you do is roll it up, stow it, and you have a full-size USB keyboard ready to use wherever you go.

Laptop computers do have keyboards, but positioning them properly to keep the body in a neutral position is quite difficult for some people. It is best for them to position the laptop so the screen is where they need it (using a laptop stand) and use a separate full-size keyboard.

Our travel keyboard is suited for this in that it is quite portable. Its soft rubber makes it durable, and even makes it washable. As far as the experience of using it, the keyboard is not low force, and it felt different from anything I had ever typed on. However, after a bit of acclimation, I found typing pretty easy and fast (I’m a fast typist, so that’s very important to me).

For mobile users, looking for a very space-efficient way to carry their keyboard with them, perhaps rolling it up may be a good alternative

UPDATE: 4/29/11
Human Solution Travel Keyboard is no longer available. For a great alternative roll-up keyboard, see the Adesso Flexible USB Keyboard.

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