So You Want To Be a Certified Professional Ergonomist?

So You Want To Be a Certified Professional Ergonomist?

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 31st 2010

Jon Paulsen, owner of Human Solution, is not one to brag about his credentials. But being a Certified Professional Ergonomist is a pretty remarkable line item on one’s resume, and it’s time to let you know just what it means for us to be run by a CPE.

First and foremost, a CPE is an engineer. The first qualification to begin getting certified is a Masters degree in human factors/ergonomics or an equivalent combination of education in life sciences, engineering sciences and behavioral sciences. After that, one must have three years of professional practice in human factors/ergonomics. At that point, they can apply to take the exam.

The candidate pack recommends studying a rather large list of books with fun titles like Manprint: An Approach to Systems Integration and Human Performance Engineering. The list is too long to cover here, but Jon says candidates can expect about six months of study time, sans social life. After all that, there is an exam which many do not pass. Get through that, however, and you’re one of roughly 1,000 Certified Professional Ergonomists nationwide. Easy, right?

The dedication Jon put into getting that certification and the knowledge he’s gained working in ergonomics for years go into everything we do at THS. Jon personally selects the products we offer to be most suitable for the widest range of people. He also trains each member of the sales staff in the principles we need to give the best recommendations. If we get in over our head, Jon is always right around the corner to advise. His expertise and dedication are two big reasons why The Human Solution can give the best recommendations and information.

Even if becoming certified isn’t in your future, we invite you buy from the company that is Ergonomist -owned.

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