Speak Freely with a Wireless Headset

Speak Freely with a Wireless Headset

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 3rd 2010

If you’ve ever called HS and talked to me on a pleasant day in Texas, chances are good that I walked outside for a minute or two during the call. Fresh air and a chance to stretch my legs are two things that I love while helping a client solve their ergonomic challenges. So it’s a good thing I’m not tethered to my desk by a phone or headset cord. My wireless headset setup allows me to move around and even walk into our warehouse to examine a product hands-on while I am still on the phone. Sounds like something you would like to do?

Connected to my office phone is a Plantronics CS55 wireless headset system with the optional handset lifter. This includes the earpiece, the base which connects to the telephone and charges the earpiece, and the motorized lifter that lets me pick up the phone even when I am not physically at my desk. The earpiece fits over my ear with one of several included rubber pieces, but it can use a headband as well. I find the signal quality clear and strong, and wandering in a 15 yd or so range, I have yet to go out of range. I make sure to leave it on the base to charge overnight, and one charge gets me through a full day of talking. Some of my coworkers also use the Plantronics CS70N wireless headset system. Overall, we have been very pleased with them.

So if a chance to move around while you talk on the phone sounds like it would be beneficial to you, give one of our wireless headsets a try and go free.

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