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Springing Ahead: Take Advantage of Those Longer Days and Stay Healthy!

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

This Sunday, March 10th, marks the start of Daylight Savings Time, and the beginning of extended hours of sunlight. Although we didn't make the permanent switch until 1966, Benjamin Franklin originally proposed the idea of longer days as a way to make the most of natural light and save money on candles. After the Energy Policy Act of 2005, we now have a full eight months to enjoy longer days, which I suggest you use by spending more time outside.

While we're here to help you stay healthy and comfortable at work, I think everyone should take advantage of the biggest benefit of the Daylight Savings switch, which is the ability to get outside after work, while there's still light out, and exercise! A quick reminder: Exercising and sitting less (whether at work or at home) has been linked to better sleep and a host of positive health benefits. We at Human Solution can get behind that: Get ready to spring ahead this weekend!