Stay Active, Alert and Comfortable at Work with the Steelcase Buoy

Stay Active, Alert and Comfortable at Work with the Steelcase Buoy

Posted by Human Solution on May 21st 2013

When I wake up in the morning I check the weather outside with my face still buried in my pillow. I disarm my house alarm while inside my bathroom. I pour my coffee in my travel mug and grab a cereal bar to eat on-the-go as I drive to work. Sitting in traffic, I download my favorite podcast on my phone and plug it into my car’s speaker system. Before I hit the roughest patch of my commute, I quickly (and safely) come to a stop and check my work email from my phone to prepare myself for the day and begin to prioritize.

Surely, this can’t only be me.

It seems like as fast paced as our society is and as much as we already crave instant gratification, we just aren’t satisfied. Businesses, especially small businesses, are demanding more versatility and flexibility from their employees in order to be as successful as possible in a down economy. How is this achieved? We’ve got to be able to think and act on-the-fly. Just like my morning routine, everything has become mobile.

Steelcase introduced the Steelcase Buoy, an aptly named ergonomic stool, with the modern, ever-hectic lifestyle in mind.

Buoy is on-the-go

Pick it up and take it to your co-worker’s cubicle, whether they’re your next-door neighbor or across the office. It’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Buoy is active

The Buoy is an active seating ergonomic stool that allows for up to twelve degrees of tilt as you balance on the rounded base. The movement engages your core and is a great choice for alternative seating throughout your day to combat the health risks associated with sedentary sitting.

Buoy has personality

Show your style with lots of color combinations. With fabric choices like “Chile” and “Wasabi,” you can feed your appetite for style. Exercise your creativity with “Picasso” and show your adventurous side with “Arctic White.”

Buoy is collaborative

Meetings can be tiring. Studying can be boring. A roomful of Buoy’s can change that. It’s hard, if not impossible, to doze off while on a stool that is designed to keep you moving. The Buoy is perfect for a library, conference room, study area or any application that encourages collaboration and brainstorming. Keeping your body active helps keep your mind active.

Buoy is for everyone

With an 18” diameter seat an integrated pneumatic seat height adjustment lever built into the handle of the Buoy it can adjust from 17 1/4'' - 22 3/4'' H to fit a wide range of people.

Find Buoy and other active seating options at

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