Stay Cool: The Innovative iLift

Stay Cool: The Innovative iLift

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 2nd 2011

You’re a Mac. You don’t just have computing power; you’re cool. With Apple’s beautiful cinema displays and iMac desktops, you have some of the most attractive display options in the market. The problem: how to mount them.

Like your wing-tip and wrinkle-free pleated slacks-wearing friends, most monitor arms are PC’s, figuratively and literally. Their VESA mounts are designed for the mount size standard to which most PC manufacturers adhere and many are not designed to handle the added weight of a large monitor like the Apple cinema displays or the iMac. Frequently, they are designed to fit the black color scheme popular with PC manufacturers as well. The Innovative iLift monitor arm solves these and adds a few great features as well.

With an adapter available directly from Apple, the iLift is set to go with your monitor. The arm is much sturdier than most comparable gas spring monitor arm, capable of holding up to a monitor or iMac up to 42 lbs. With attractive design and a white finish, the iLift won’t compromise your cool either. In addition to all that, the iLift offers Innovative’s Flexmount, which gives six different desk and wall mounting options out of the box. All this allows one-hand adjustment and the strength to make looking cool look easy.

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