Switchin' it up with Swopper & Friends

Switchin' it up with Swopper & Friends

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 3rd 2014

We've got a lot of cool chairs at Human Solution, and some of the most interesting chairs we carry are "active seating" chairs like the Swopper, Focal Mobis, and the Muvman Sit-Stand Stool. These chairs lack casters, fixing them to one place, and also lack a backrest, which most users are accustomed to seeing on every chair. Without these features, can they still live up to the hype? The answer might surprise you!

t's true - without a backrest, active seating chairs are not designed to be a chair you sit in for an entire 9-5 shift without moving. However, that same backless design makes them ideal for a number of other applications. As the name implies, active seating chairs are designed with movement in mind - the Swopper Chair in particular has a spring-based design that gives a characteristic "bounce" when seated. Since the chair itself is never perfectly still, it encourages your body to constantly make small adjustments to maintain good balance. These adjustments are minor enough that they won't interfere with your productivity, but enough that it will help prevent your body from falling into a passive state. Other chairs such as the Focal Mobis and Muvman utilize a forward-tilting design, encouraging a "perched" posture while in use that lets you rest while still letting your spine stay in an ergonomically correct position that prevents hunching over. These design features make active seating chairs a perfect secondary chair to switch to for a few hours a day if you're feeling a bit restless in your more traditional ergonomic chair, or need to take a quick break from working at standing height.

Additionally, the "easy in, easy out" design associated with active seating chairs makes them perfect collaboration chairs as well, providing a comfortable and convenient chair for office guests. The Focal Mobis even features a built-in handle that makes it easy to pick up and move from cube to cube. If you're looking for even more mobility, the Focal Mogo is an extra compact version of the Focal Mobis and Focal Locus seats, featuring the same molded EVA foam seat as its full sized cousins in an extra light, collapsible package. Occasionally referred to as "The Human Kickstand," the Mogo even includes a reversible endcap that lets you take it out of the office and into the great outdoors, making it perfect for both meeting rooms and music festivals. (Naturally, the Mogo is a hot commodity here at THS!)

While they won't replace your everyday office chairs, active seating chairs are every bit as cool as they look. Check one out today and help your body stay active, even while sitting!

Learn more about active seating chairs at TheHumanSolution.com.

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