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Take a Look at the UPLIFT Monitor Arm in All Its Glory

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Presenting the UPLIFT Monitor Arm!

I’d love to tell you about the UPLIFT Monitor Arm, and how it's a highly adjustable, extremely versatile pneumatic monitor arm, available in both single and dual versions. I would especially love to point out the exceptional reach on the arm (27.5”), the easy fingertip adjustment for height and depth and the way the monitor just floats in place once the arm is counterbalanced correctly. You really should see how cool the optional laptop holder is, especially when you mount it on the dual arm next to a second monitor. Alas, just telling you about the many features that make the UPLFT Monitor Arm great does not seem sufficient. Luckily, we made this video just for you! Now you don’t have to take my word for it; you can see for yourself.

Once you've watched the video, you will be surprised at how affordable the UPLIFT Monitor Arm really is. Let me tell you, not only is this arm the best, it’s the best value!

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