The BBC Takes on Sit-Stand Desks

The BBC Takes on Sit-Stand Desks

Posted by Angela P on Apr 30th 2014

The BBC recently posted a story that posed the question "Could offices change from sitting to standing?" showing that the standing desk movement is becoming universally accepted. Google has a large number of sit-stand desks in their London office and General Electric's British plant is considering allowing its employees to choose between traditional desks and height-adjustable desks. Any office that's made the switch can vouch for the benefits - I'm standing as I write this blog post now. The easiest benefits to see are in employee health and productivity. One downside that's often mentioned, though, is the cost of outfitting an office with adjustable-height desks, or the cost of replacing current stationary desks with electric desks. The UPLIFT 900, in addition to being one of the most dependable and full-featured sit-stand desks on the market, is also one of the lowest-priced, and we offer free shipping, which is a considerable savings on something as large as a desk.

Another worry is that employees won't adapt to standing for part of the day, or that adjustable-height desks will be out of place in an office that is mostly sitting. I will say that when I first started working here, I thought that it would be hard to stand while working, but it's actually very natural. Any time I start to feel tired, I push my chair back, raise my desk, stand up and immediately start feeling more awake. And, as the article points out, while the "standing desk revolution" may be a recent movement, sitting while working all day is actually a fairly recent development. Whether you're looking to add a new desk to your home office, a couple of desks for employees to share, or replace all of your desks with height-adjustable desks, we have an UPLIFT desk to fit your needs!

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