The Best New Ergonomic Accessories and Holders for the iPad

The Best New Ergonomic Accessories and Holders for the iPad

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 31st 2012

iPads are becoming one of those things that you take for granted when you see. Who can remember what a thrill it was when they came out and you would see one for the first, second, and third time? It was like seeing a rocketeer or a moonraker. Nowadays, they're everywhere. You go to a concert and people wield their bulky iPads in the air, taking pictures of the band. People take iPads to the gym and watch MGM musicals on the elliptical machine.

One of the places where you start seeing more and more iPads is at small businesses, food trailers, and retail stores. iPads have made it easier than ever for businesses to process payment with credit cards. You need only sign up for one of those magic card swipers and download an app. Human Solution is now happy to offer a new line of iPad Holders, iPad Mounts, iPad Stands -- whatever you want to call them.

The Innovative Secure iPad holder itself works with the iPad 2 and the New iPad (or the iPad 3), offers a built-in security feature and a VESA fitting in the back in case you decide to add an Innovative mount at a later date.

We also offer fully configured iPad mount systems such as the Innovative iPad Holder with Evo Pole Arm, Innovative iPad Holder with Wall Mount, and the Innovative iPad Holder with Through-Counter Mount.

If you're the type of person who has already embraced the benefits of the iPad, you likely understand how useful an iPad mount can be. For businesses, office or home use, we recommend these Innovative products.

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