The Home Office Benefits Thanks to the UPLIFT Monitor Arm

The Home Office Benefits Thanks to the UPLIFT Monitor Arm

Posted by Rob on Aug 26th 2014

My home office work space was in dire need of an ergonomic rescue. The UPLIFT Monitor Arm has transformed my desk into an all-purpose work, entertainment, and gaming area.

Like many Austinites, I’m a transplant to this wonderful city. I live in South Austin, in a quirky old house with an ancient floor plan, and I ended up with some ergonomic issues in my home office that could have been easily avoided. For about a year I had a monitor with a broken stand: a tipped-over hunk of black plastic that worked fine but had lost the ability to stand on its own. Not only did the monitor look terrible – propped up with books and leaning against the wall – it had no provision for movement since the slightest touch could send it crashing off the desk and onto the floor.

Thankfully, the UPLIFT Monitor Arm came to my rescue. Colleagues and users alike were raving about the sturdy construction, lengthy features list, and incredible price. Following a house-settling episode during a thunderstorm that sent my monitor clattering to the wood floor, I knew it was time to take the plunge.

After living with it every day for the last month, there are a number of features that I adore about the UPLIFT Monitor Arm. I've moved the arm to different locations a few times which has required a counterbalancing tweak or two, so having arrows clearly marking the direction I need to turn the included Allen key make this process a breeze. Having a small storage area for the included Allen is one of the most thoughtful features I've ever seen on a monitor arm.

Having a full 360 degrees of rotation has significantly broadened the usability of my system. I can rotate the monitor with two fingers, turning it to face my rocking chair for watching video or playing games. The 27.5” of depth adjustment means that I can pull the screen as close as I need it, while 19” of vertical adjustment gives me the leeway to stand and stretch without having to take my eyes off the monitor. If it’s time for serious work, I can easily set the monitor back to a more neutral position, allowing for an ergonomic seated typing position.

Before I took home an UPLIFT Monitor Arm, my home office setup was nearly useless. An ergonomic disgrace before the arm came home, my productivity is now higher, I’m getting more entertainment value out of electronics that I already owned, and my improving ergonomics are leaving me with much less shoulder pain from slouching to see the screen. The creaky old house has its charms, but it’s nice to be able to tame one of my longest-running ergonomic frustrations.

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