The Importance of Being Upright: An Ergonomic Workspace in Two Parts

The Importance of Being Upright: An Ergonomic Workspace in Two Parts

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 13th 2011

In many ways, the movie Minority Report, with “Pre-Cogs” that can predict crimes before they happen and a police force that acts on these premonitions, is a dream of preventing disastrous events before they happen; to control and dictate fate. After all, if you knew something bad were to happen to you or a loved one, wouldn’t you do everything you could to prevent it?

In many ways this concept applies to our health, as well. I speak with dozens of people a week who describe excruciating back pain, poor leg circulation, shoulders frozen in place by injury—all a result of an unhealthy work environment which has slowly, quietly eroded their body. There are various desk exercises you can do during your daily stint at work, but, as a contributing member of society, you can only take so many micro breaks or take the long way around the office so many times.

Ergonomics, with its focus on using the body and its needs as the basis for workplace design, exists to defrost locked joints and assuage other work-related injuries. Micro-break all you want, but there is simply no substitute for a sit-to-stand desk when it comes to living an ergonomically-sound—that is, healthy—life. There is, however, a substitute for a stationary workspace: the Uplift Adjustable Height Desk.

While healthy and smart, the purchase of an ergonomic desk—or any ergonomic product—may seem superfluous. After all, why should I take medicine if I’m not sick? Well, why would you want to be sick? The best medicine is always proactive prevention, especially when it comes to ergonomics. Has Tom Cruise and his PreCrime police force taught us nothing? You may not have been convicted of a future murder, but numerous studies conclude people who sit the majority of the day have a lowered life expectancy compared to those who use a sit-to-stand desk. It is imperative you listen to your body’s needs, wants, and warnings.

Everyone here at Human Solution uses, and frequently adjusts, the height of their Uplift desk. Suddenly, one of my coworkers will arise from the depths of their workspace, desk in tow, up with the soft hum of the Uplift’s electronic motor. With the motor raising the desk roughly an inch a second, those soft hums pop up quite a bit throughout an average day. Standing engages your leg, core, and back muscles, burns calories, and increases productivity as you feel refreshed, energized, and, most importantly, happy and healthy. As you might imagine, with all the moving we at Human Solution do throughout the day we stay rather perky and invigorated (which might explain the great customer service we offer).

In the event you are ready to sit, the Raynor Ergohuman V2 Chair makes for a fantastic ergonomic chair. One of our most popular chairs, the V2 is the latest model in Raynor’s wildly popular Ergohuman line. The new V2 offers 4-way adjustable arms, a 5-position back angle tilt-lock, and the frame has been given a polished aluminum makeover. The chair itself is heavier, sturdier, and its quality craftsmanship can now support up to 300lbs. The redesigned seat offers more long-term support and reduces pressure placed on the back of the legs with an increased waterfall seat edge, though the seat is half an inch slimmer than the previous model, the Ergohuman V1. Finally, the Ergohuman V2 is now available in fabric, an additional option over mesh and leather, which offers an even wider selection of customization for one of our biggest sellers.

The goal in combining an adjustable height desk with an Ergohuman V2 is to increase your comfort and well-being, as well as quality and length of life. Ergonomic products are and should be thought of as necessities, but once you experience the benefits of a sit-to-stand desk, and the craftsmanship of the Ergohuman V2, you’ll feel swathed in luxury.

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