The Middle Way: Value Ergonomic Chairs

The Middle Way: Value Ergonomic Chairs

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 19th 2010

Consumers are faced with goals that sometimes conflict when shopping for an ergonomic chair. Adjustability, aesthetics and price all play a role in choosing the right chair. The specific balance that’s right for you depends on your pain issues, desire for features, taste and wallet. For some, a middle-of-the-road approach is a great way to maximize value.

With that in mind, I’d like to discuss three often-overlooked ergonomic chairs. These chairs are not as striking as the Humanscale Freedom chair, nor as feature-rich as a Bodybilt high back executive ergonomic chair. They are not the least expensive ergonomic office chairs we carry either. Still, for the buyer trying to find the best value, these sometimes-overlooked chairs can be perfect.

ErgoCentric GeoCentric

The GeoCentric ergonomic task chair has a padded foam seat and a foam back that comes in different sizes. The chair can be sized appropriately for short or tall users, up to 250 lbs in weight. Two important options are the air lumbar support and memory foam cushioning. These features make the GeoCentric a good chair for users with lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain that costs less than other good choices, such as the Neutral Posture NPS8000. Another good padded-back office chair choice is the Seating Inc. Pearl II.

Seating Inc. Pearl II

Available exclusively on our Ergonomic Chair Pro website, the Pearl II task chair is available in two configurations: The Pearl II 275 task chair or the Pearl II 350 task chair for big & tall users or 24/7 use. The 275 also has a small edition for petite users. Like the Geocentric, the Pearl has a memory foam option for extra comfort. This is a great option for big & tall users and 24/7 applications such as police dispatchers. Seating Inc. also has a mesh back chair in this price range that I like quite a bit.

Seating Inc. Grid

Seating Inc.‘s Grid 275 and Grid 350 task chairs are some of our best mid-priced mesh back ergonomic chairs. The seat is padded foam and can use an optional energy absorbing memory foam. The mesh back has a height adjustable lumbar support and an optional headrest. It is not as adaptable to the needs of a petite user as the Pearl is, but for average to large users (with the Grid 350), this chair is a great fit. It compares favorably to our best-selling mesh chair, the Raynor Ergohuman, even at a lower price point. It is one of my favorite chairs.

These three chairs aren’t extremely high-end in features nor extremely inexpensive, but positioned right in the middle of our offering, they are great ways to get solid features at a great price.

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