The Mobo Ergonomic Workstation: Easy to Assemble, Fun to Use

The Mobo Ergonomic Workstation: Easy to Assemble, Fun to Use

Posted by Human Solution on May 31st 2013

The Mobo Ergonomic Workstation works as an inexpensive keyboard tray that’s easy to assemble and can fit on many different office chairs. It’s no wonder that we sell so many of them here at Human Solution. Since we get so many inquiries about the Mobo, I decided to write a review of my experience setting up and using the workstation.

Setup and Installation: This was simpler than I could have imagined. As far as tools go, all I needed was a screwdriver.

To assemble the Mobo, you must first install two adjustable chair arm mounts over the arms of your office chair. The Mobo ships with different size screw sets that allow the chair arm mounts to fit snugly on a wide variety of chair arms. These mounts have two functions: 1.) They extend and allow you to place the Mobo keyboard tray over them, so you can attach the tray to your chair and use your keyboard near your lap. 2.) They work as mouse platforms, allowing you to use your computer mouse in the left- or right-hand position.

The Mobo keyboard tray sits on top of the chair arm mounts. Simply place it over the extended mounts and adjust it as needed. The keyboard tray is a hard plastic board; it doesn't screw or drill into anything because it rests securely and comfortably on the base units that are over your chair arms. It’s meant to be easily removed because you want to have the mobility to get out of your chair whenever you want. I thought that the instructions were fairly simple to follow, but it’s worth noting that if you are having trouble assembling it, you can always contact us for help. (Here are the Mobo assembly instructions, if you need them.)

Putting It to Use: Once this was assembled, I was ready to try it out at my desk. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse, so this workstation accessory was perfect for that since it was mainly designed for wireless accessories like laptops, keyboards and tablets.

It enabled me to roll back a bit from my desk with my keyboard to get a bit of distance from my monitor screens. This is a great option for viewing online videos and playing video games. This way, you aren't stuck in your couch or leaning over uncomfortably. If you have an ergonomic chair, this is a perfect way to maintain back support and correct posture. The Mobo allows you to keep your keyboard and mouse in the neutral reach zone, which means that your keyboard and mouse are easy to reach and close to your lap. You won't have to move or strain or lean forward to use them. The Mobo also encourages a straight, comfortable posture and natural wrist and arm angles while using a computer. This helps eliminate pain and back, arm, neck cramps and other health issues that come from leaning forward or straining to use your computer input devices.

Disassembly: Disassembling the Mobo Ergonomic Workstation is even easier than the assembly. All I had to do was unscrew one of the mounting clamps on each arm, and loosen the other screws, instead of unscrewing them all the way. It’s simple! And you don't need to disassemble the unit to get out of your chair once you're done using it. Just pick up the light keyboard tray, movie it out of your way, end flip the extended chair arm mounts back, and you're done.

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