The Neutral Posture ONGO Stool: Great For A Standing Desk And The Yoga Studio

The Neutral Posture ONGO Stool: Great For A Standing Desk And The Yoga Studio

Posted by Angela P on Dec 27th 2012

The Neutral Posture ONGO Stool is the newest addition to our line of standing stools. It has a height adjustment range of about eight and a half inches, which means that this chair can be used when sitting at a desk or table, and it can also function as a standing stool when you're standing at your adjustable height standing desk.

We had the chance to try one of these out in the office recently, and everyone loved it. It's lightweight and easy to move from your desk to a conference table and small enough to keep at your desk if you want a standing stool to use along with your standard office chair.

One unique feature of the ONGO stool is that the base has a circular track that holds a marble that moves when you move. This creates audible feedback with each movement, encouraging you to stay active throughout the day. The curved base allows the chair to easily move in any direction with you, and it helps strengthen back muscles and improve your posture.

With the ability to choose from different base, seat and track colors, you can create an ONGO stool that will fit in with your office decor. There's no need to stop at the office with this chair, though. The ease of movement and height adjustability that this ergonomic seat offers means that it would be equally at home in a house, gym or yoga studio, or in a classroom setting.

Many of the Neutral Posture ONGO Stools currently have a lead time of about 12 weeks, but there are some quick options if you're in a hurry. Any of the models with a black base and track will ship in a week.

If you have any questions about this chair or just want to talk over some options, give us a call at 800-531-3746, or talk with one of our experts online via live chat.

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