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The New Office Space: Thinking Outside the Box with Ergonomics in Mind

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

What does a modern workplace look like?

In the last twenty years we've seen a shift towards businesses fitting the workplace to the employee, versus forcing the employee into a "box" (be it a cubicle, highly structured working hours, or otherwise). In an era where savvy companies offer flexible schedules and "choose-your-own" healthcare incentives, GlaxoSmithKline took the theory one step further with their new building in Philadelphia.

Scrolling through photos of GSK's new space, you can see workplace "neighborhoods," an open-concept cafeteria, and a glamorous idea of what a double LEED platinum certification can look like. You may notice several of the well-known ergonomic furniture brands we offer at Human Solution placed throughout the office: Humanscale monitor arms, Steelcase chairs, and of course adjustable height standing desks. These brands and ergonomic products offer freedom and flexibility within a workspace. GSK hopes that this concept will encourage collaboration and creativity.

Will this design bring about more innovation? Let us know in the comments below!

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