The Raynor MFT9450 Chair Adjusts to Your Budget

The Raynor MFT9450 Chair Adjusts to Your Budget

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 4th 2011

There are a few exceptions to this rule, but where ergonomic office chairs are concerned, more available adjustments are usually better. This is why many of our higher end offerings have multiple selections of chair mechanisms, back adjustments, arm types, etc. For the budget-conscious customer, however, these choices are not always available. One chair we offer in the lower end of our price range has an uncommonly large variety of adjustments: the Raynor Apollo MFT9450 task chair.

The MFT9450 is a task chair with a breathable mesh back and a padded foam seat. It looks similar to theMT9400, but offers additional adjustment options like tilt tension, back tilt lock and forward tilt lock. These all help make it suitable for a wider range of users. The seat depth is not adjustable, but the chair should fit a wide range of average-size users, both male and female.

Overall, the Raynor MFT9450 is one of the best values we offer in budget office chairs.

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