The Steelcase Node Chair Brings Comfort and Flexibility to the Classroom

The Steelcase Node Chair Brings Comfort and Flexibility to the Classroom

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 10th 2013

Steelcase is bringing ergonomics to the classroom with the Steelcase Node Chair.

Designed in part by IDEO, the Node Chair updates the old school classroom desk to offer a much more comfortable seating solution that features storage and versatility, and encourages movement, productivity and good posture.

Think about those old, stiff classroom desks. With their hard, inflexible frames, seats and backs, they’re anything but ergonomic. Here at Human Solution, we know that feeling comfortable can help you stay focused and productive for a longer period of time. That’s why we’re excited to offer the Steelcase Node Chair, a brand new classroom chair that improves the classroom experience on a number of levels.

First, the Steelcase Node is flexible and mobile. It comes with rolling casters, which makes group work easier and allows students to move the chair so that they get the best eye line possible during lectures and instruction. Since the chair is on wheels, students can easily switch between lecture mode and group project mode quickly. The seat swivels, which also allows for better sightlines between students and instructors. The seat height is also adjustable, which means the “one-size-fits-all” approach of most classroom desks and chairs is no more – the Node by Steelcase can offer comfort to tall and shorter students.

The open seat designs leaves enough room for a number of body types while also leaving room for movement, which is necessary during project or group work. The flexible back and seat also makes it easy for students to move and get comfortable while sitting in the classroom.

The Node was designed with the needs of the student in mind. That’s why there’s a large space to store backpacks and books under the seat, and you can add hooks and even a cup holder to the optional work surface. The work surface moves and swivels easily for changing tasks, and, at 22.3” wide by 12” deep, the surface is large enough for students to spread out their work while studying, taking notes, or working on a project.

The award-winning Node Chair was recently featured on 60 Minutes. Stream the short clip below to see IDEO founder David Kelley showing Charlie Rose the benefits of the chair:

Users can personalize the Node. The chair’s shell is available in 21 different colors, and the base is available in several different finishes. Give us a call at 800-531-3746, or email us to start a discussion about incorporating the Node Chair by Steelcase into your classroom.

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