The Workrite Sierra Stands (or Sits) Alone

The Workrite Sierra Stands (or Sits) Alone

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 9th 2010

Electric height adjustable desks can appear to be something of a commodity; it can be unclear what features truly separate one manufacturer or model from another. There are differences, however, and at the Human Solution, one of our favorite types adjustable height desk is the Workrite Sierra.

The Sierra’s rectangle model features two cantilevered legs rather thang a pedestal. This frees up room underneath the desk surface for things such as keyboard trays and your legs in ways that pedestal desks do not. It also permits a much larger work surface than a pedestal configuration, better for people with a large workspace to fill.

The Sierra is also strong. In addition to the weight of its work surface, the Sierra can raise and loads of up to 250 lbs of equipment at the relatively high speed of 2” per second. With a height range of 26”, it accommodates a wide range of users whether seated or standing.

Finally, from a design standpoint, the Sierra is attractive. With a large number of surface laminate and edge color options, it can fit well with most types of office decor.

So if you are looking at electric adjustable-height desks and cannot choose one, the Workrite Sierra definitely merits a second look.

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