Top Five Misconceptions About Ergonomics

Top Five Misconceptions About Ergonomics

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Jun 11th 2018

What comes to mind when you hear the word "ergonomic"?

If you're like a lot of people, you might think of office chairs, vertical computer mice, and possibly about the craze surrounding standing desks. Yet we hear a lot of false facts regarding ergonomics and what it is, which can sometimes lead entire organizations to miss out on a whole host of benefits you get from working better and healthier.

As more and more work occurs within the confines of the office, it's more important than ever to work ergonomically to protect your health in the long run. In this blog post, we delve into the five most common misunderstandings about ergonomics and their truths:

The only people who need to worry about ergonomics are those who have already developed an injury.

This is one of the most frequently cited (and dangerous) misconceptions regarding ergonomics. Although it counts as one of the main reasons that people seek out ergonomic products, ergonomics is not solely for users who have been injured or are recovering from a repetitive stress injury, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Working with proper ergonomics is crucial for stopping the development of injuries, from wrist pain to eye strain. Depending on your job and body's needs, there is an ergonomic setup out there that can help you stay healthy while you work.

Ergonomics is only really important for people who work on a computer or type all day.

Although a lot of people who seek out ergonomic products work at a computer for many hours a day, anyone can benefit from practicing better ergonomics. Typing for even 15 minutes a day in the wrong posture can affect you, so finding the right accessory, like a keyboard tray is important for supporting all of the parts of your body that work hard while you're working. Even if you don't work at a computer, having the right chair or desk can improve your working comfort, no matter what tasks your job entails.

Investing in ergonomics is time consuming and takes too many resources.

We hate to hear people turned off from working better just because a few chairs and desks have given ergonomic products a bad name. While certain brands can cost a pretty penny, there are options for every price range to suit your needs. Instead of viewing the investment in ergonomics for your company as a cost, it's helpful to see it for the health-supporting gesture that it really is. Your employees notice when you care to spend more to keep them happy and healthy, giving them more reason to invest themselves in your business. It really is a win-win.

There are too many types of people to be able to be efficiently ergonomic.

This misconception causes a lot of people to miss out on working more comfortably because it allows people to dismiss the importance of having the proper ergonomic pieces without learning how they can benefit you. With as many body types as there are in this world, there are just as many ergonomic options. Find the perfect   sit-stand deskergonomic chair, or office accessory to help you work better and in more comfort.

Ergonomics is just another term for "office products".

Most ergonomic products are office products but not all office products are ergonomic. And while an office chair might look like an office chair, they are vastly different depending on the different adjustments they offer. Not only that, but ergonomics should be practiced whenever possible, so it's incorrect to posit that it stays in the office. Even  crafting can be improved by working in more ergonomics postures, which is why it's so important to learn what's out there that could help you work in better postures for your body.

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