Treadmill Desks: All Aboard!

Treadmill Desks: All Aboard!

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 16th 2013

It's happening, people! We've been touting the many excellent benefits of walking at work for a while now, and it looks like exercise desks are catching on like wildfire. Look who's on board:

A treadmill desk means "being productive on two fronts. I'm in meetings and at my desk and on the phone all day. It's great to be able to have an option at my work to get some physical activity while I'm actually doing office stuff. You feel better, you get your blood moving, you think clearly" - Andrew Lockerbie, Senior VP of Benefits, Brown & Brown

"There's a glob of information that sitting is killing us. You're basically sitting yourself into a coffin." - James Levine, Endocrinologist, the Mayo Clinic

"The more movement and interaction I have, the more energy I have at the end of the day." - Denise Bober, Director of HR, The Breakers

"We don't see the growth slowing down for several years; right now, we are just moving from early adopters, which are educated and highly health-conscious, to more mainstream users."- Peter Schenk, President, LifeSpan Fitness

Educated and highly health-conscious peeps, time is running out for you to avoid being part of the dreaded "mainstream." Don't let that happen to you and those you love. Act now - Before it's too late.

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