Two Screens Are Better Than One: Innovative Duopod Dual LCD Monitor Arm

Two Screens Are Better Than One: Innovative Duopod Dual LCD Monitor Arm

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 15th 2010

In a dynamic workplace like Human Solution, most employees wear several hats in any given day. From sales to marketing, accounting to copywriting and every imaginable task in between, we each have multiple responsibilities to ensure we provide a great product offering and even better customer service. As you can imagine, these roles require many different computer programs to perform, and many of these programs are open at any given time. In a fast-paced work day, anything I can do to cut down on the number of times I have to Alt+Tab between windows is welcome. For this reason, I use dual monitors. They make me more efficient and cut down on repetitive switching that could cause injury over time. For an ergonomic workstation, however, it is important not only to have an extra monitor, but also to be able to position my screens correctly.

I use a dual LCD monitor arm, The Innovative Duopod. The Duopod is a side-by-side movable arm system for two flat-panel monitors. Its central post has a mount for two fully articulating arms, allowing each monitor to move independently for perfect positioning. Thus I can move them back and forth to reduce eye-strain, up and down if I am using the sit/stand functionality of my Mayline Varitask desk, or turn them to show youtube videos important business documents to nearby coworkers. I have never needed to rotate my monitors so they are in a portrait orientation, but it is doable. Among comparable dual monitor arms, these are common functions, but the Innovative Duopod has a couple unique advantages and a disadvantage that are worth noting.

The sturdy Innovative Duopod dual LCD monitor arm is rated for monitors up to 24 lbs, higher than any other gas spring dual monitor arm we offer. Users of large, heavy monitors will appreciate this feature. Another way in which the Duopod stands out is its unique Flexmount, which gives users six different mounting options in one, making it the most adaptable monitor arm we offer right out of the box. The choices include clamp, bolt through, grommet and various wall mounting options. As far as ease of adjustability, the Duopod lags a bit behind the fingertip adjustment of the Humanscale M4 or Workrite Poise. The range of motion is similar, but the Duopod is significantly stiffer, requiring two hands and a little effort to reposition the screens. I do not find this to be a major problem in my setup, but it may bother some users. Overall, the Innovative Duopod is a high-quality horizontal dual LCD monitor mount.

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