Video Review: UPLIFT 950 Electric Sit-Stand L-Shaped Desk

Video Review: UPLIFT 950 Electric Sit-Stand L-Shaped Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 13th 2014

L-Shaped desks, also known as corner desks, are always very impressive fixtures in an office. They boast lots of desk space and a look great as an executive-style workspace. Oftentimes, they can also be bulky and expensive. If you're looking for a safe, sizable, L-shaped desk that is not going to break the bank, the UPLIFT 950 Electric Sit-Stand L-Shaped Desk may be the desk you are looking for.

The UPLIFT 950 desk base, which is know in some circles as the Iron Man of adjustable height desk bases, can lift an impressive 465 lbs. Even with that incredible weight capacity, the desk is still quiet and efficient as it moves from one position to the next. The height range goes from 24" to 50", which comfortably accommodates a very high percentage of the population's recommended sitting and standing positions.

The UPLIFT keypad has four programmable buttons for height settings as well, so you can set it and forget it, to your sitting and standing height preferences. You can get the UPLIFT 950 adjustable height desk base only, with a laminate top or with a custom made solid wood top.

Want to see it move? Watch the video, friend, for a helpful review and demonstration of the desk!

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